Terms of Service

Terms of use

These terms and conditions govern the relationship between suppliers and users (customers) at the online store for selling and/or buying products. The use of the store requires acceptance of these terms, by using the site consider that you accept and agree to the terms. These terms and conditions are consistent with the requirements of consumer protection and other regulations in force in the European Union.


“Seller” is the online website which serves as a virtual platform for the sale of goods. The seller is the person with whom the consumer enters into a remote agreement selling a particular product (item) in the e-shop.
“User” is the person who accepts and agrees to these terms and conditions in relation to demand (order) and the purchase of goods offered through the online store. 
“Online Store” is the website which serves as a virtual platform for the presentation and sale of products as well as the process and the agreement between seller and a consumer to buy specific products. 
“Order” is the user’s request to buy one or more of a specific product (item) through the online store. The order is packed and sent by courier to the address indicated in the order of addresses of customers, following their approval by email or phone. The approval by email is done by sending an e-mail to confirm. The approval by phone is made after a telephone conversation with an employee of the company for confirmation.
“Sales contract” effected remotely via the website of the shop between seller and user. 
“Courier” transports and delivers the products to the user’s address and is consistent with the Law on postal services.
“Information / Communication” means informational emails about e-shop goods sold during a period of time, which can be found on the website and can be emailed to the user.

Terms and conditions of E-shop

  1. The “visit” at the e-shop is completely free and accessible from all over the world.
  1. To place an order from the online store, registration is required by e-mail with the desired password and the following addressing information: name, e-mail, telephone and mailing address. Registration is completely free and is done by filling out the registration form. Registered customers are able to benefit from all the services of the store.
  1. The user should determine the e-mail address and its password, personal details and shipping address.
  1. registers and processes personal data of the user based on the European Law on Personal Data Protection (PDP). It has the right to collect, process and use personal data of the users only for the purposes of the shop, as well as it holds the responsibility for the protection of personal data and can not use them for other purposes or disclose it to third persons over sellers (accepted by registered users).
  1. In the online store every product bears the price, essential features and some additional information. This aims to properly inform the user to help him make an informed choice when purchasing the product. Also on each page of the website the user has the ability to evaluate each product and to express his opinion about it.
  1. All product prices are in Euros, VAT included.
  1. To the right of each product the button “Add to cart” appears. Clicking this button saves the selected product into a virtual “basket” of the user. The contents of the basket are kept as long as the user decides to proceed with the purchase. By pressing the button “Buy” the user can see the contents of the basket, add new products or remove ones you do not want. The button “View Cart” shows client data and the products chosen and one may re-consider his virtual shopping cart. The order is activated by pressing the second button “Proceed to checkout”.

Order Placement

To place an order in the online store, the user must define:
  1. The address of a valid e-mail.
  2. The correct address for the delivery of the order.
  3. His/her contact information – name and telephone.
  4. The order is triggered, if the user has selected at least one product and has correctly followed the steps up to the checkout. At the end you should see the message that the order has been successfully registered.
  5. When the order is complete an automated e-mail is sent to user’s mailbox. The email confirms the data of the order, the order number, the time and date of the request.
  6. In case a specific product is not available, the seller must inform the buyer. If the buyer does not agree to replace it with another product order can be canceled.
  7. Orders in are accepted 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
  8. The working hours are from 9:00 to 20:00, Monday to Friday and Saturday 10:00 to 17:00. For any question or clarification you can contact us via phone or e-mail. For any part of Greece, the time required for delivery is 1 – 2 business days. 
  9. The buyer may cancel the order (before it was sent) without being obliged to state the reasons for the refusal.
  10. Cancellation may occur via email to e-mail indicated on the website: info[@] For a valid cancellation, the user must indicate: the order number, full name, email address (e-mail) and the shipping cost. The order can only be canceled if it is not yet confirmed by phone. In case of cancellation of the order, the item is not sent.

Delivery of products

  1. Deliveries of packages are daily except on Sundays and holidays.
  2. (Sellers of the shop) The vendors are exempt from any liability in case of delays and/or failure to deliver due to force majeure such as e.g. bad weather, strikes, etc.
  3. Shipping cost is 2 €. This applies to Greece.
  4. In case of failure to deliver the package caused by the buyer and the delivery deadline of the courier is exceeded, the parcel is returned to the seller who is exempt from the obligation to send the order.
  5. The amount a consumer must pay for each product is the price stated in the online shop at the time of order. The company reserves the right to change product prices at any time.

Cancellation of purchase and return

  1. The buyer has the right to cancel the purchase within one day from the date of receipt of the order.
  2. Cancellation of the order is either via email to info[@] or by phone and should refer to the buyer’s name, the product market, the number of the order and the date of receipt of the parcel.
  3. Return and change of products occurs when certain requirements are not met, such as:
  • Defective product
  • Absence of any part of the product.
  • Wrong product shipped.
  • The product does not correspond to the size and/or color requested.
  • Product has been damaged during transportation.
  1. The request for the return and change of the product can be done by email at info[@] while the products must be sent within 2 calendar days from the day of receipt.
  2. In the application for return and change, the buyer should also choose a product that will replace what is returned. The buyer can select the same product in another size or color, or can choose a completely different product. If the new product has a higher price the buyer pays the difference or if lower it is subtracted from shipping costs.
  3. The return of non defective products should meet the following prerequisites:
  • The product must be in good condition (not broken and can not be scratched, worn, washed, ironed).
  • . That there is no damage caused by use.
  • . Have the original packaging and labels. 
  1. The return of the product is made to the address stated on the package.
  2. You have the right to return the product within 2 calendar days from receipt and ask for its replacement with another size or other product.

Electronic coupon and gift certificate

    1. Any registered user can gain gift voucher competitions or promotions from The coupons have a predetermined value and can only be used in e-shop
    1. The electronic voucher contains a unique code that must be entered to successfully used. For each transaction there is history kept in the special tab (virtual wallet) of the profile of each user.
    1. The electronic coupon can only be used by one user.

News and information

  1. By registering on the website the user agrees and accepts the condition to receive on his mobile phone informative e-mail messages and announcements concerning the status of the order and the website.
  2. Users may at all times refuse to receive informational email.
  3. The user has the potential in each announcement and message to select the button “delete”.
  4. The user has the right to request not to receive electronic messages via e-mail at info[@]
  5. If the user, after his request not to receive electronic messages, places a new order, he/she considers to accept the term for electronic messages and announcements.

Conditions for copying information

Copying and publication of texts and photographs of in other online stores is prohibited without written consent.