Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept special orders ?

(e.g. garment sewn according to the customer’s likes)
No, we don’t accept special orders.…

Do i have the right to open the parcel before i pay the distributor ?

 No, it is not possible.

Do i have the right to open the parcel and try the products before i pay the distributor ?

No, it is not possible.

Where could i try Blackribbon's products ?

For the time being does not own a physical shop, you can only purchase on line.

Can i place an order from abroad ?

Of course you can! We ship internationally.

When will i receive my order ?

All our products are made upon request. Delivery usually takes up to 7 days.

Can the order be received by some other person ?

Yes, it is possible.

Can i specify the delivery time ?

Please leave a note with your order specifying in between 3 hours.
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